We Are Your Local Full Service PC and Mac, Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Tablets and Printer Repair Experts.Our technicians are highly trained to perform all repairs and services on a timely fashion. Below is a list of our services

15116 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403  

 +1.800.45FIXPC (34972)

  • Hard disk Boot Failure.
  • Fix broken laptop DC Power Jack/Connector. 
  • Water Damage.
  •  Replace damaged laptop,Tablets, iPhone LCD/LED
  • Bad AC Adapter or power supply 
  • Random shut downs. or Over Heating
  • Data Recovery & Data Transfer.
  •  ​Broken Laptop Casing, Hinges, Latches Etc.
  •  Defective motherboard or fan. 
  • ​Stripes On Laptop LCD.Battery Charging Issues. 
  • Laptop Fan Assembly Failure. 
  • Erratic Keys and Mouse Pad Issues. 
  • Defective CD-RW or DVD Drive. 
  • Remove Viruses, Spyware, ad-ware and pop-ups. Security, firewall & protection against future attacks & viruses. ​
  • Fix windows & software problems. 
  • Optimize, tune-up and make system run fast & efficient again.
  •  Data backup & data transfer.
  •  Error messages and blue screens dumps. 
  • Removal of all viruses and malwares in 24 hours or less! 
  • ​Printing Issues with your inkjet or Laser Printers.